Top Myths About Coding For Kids To Stop Believing

Myths About Coding For Kids

Do you listen to myths surrounding coding regularly? Don’t worry-these are myths for a reason. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the most common myths people hear, and the truth that is present besides these myths.    Myth: Coding disturbs kids’ study routine A kid has to prepare for many examinations during school. In […]

How does learning to code help kids become creative?

code help kids

Creativity as a skill is essential. It teaches kids to go beyond the box and look at new, novel ways to solve problems. Moreover, since young minds are more imaginative than adults, they are more likely to come up with new concepts. We’re all familiar with the fact that learning to code helps kids learn […]

6 things to consider before enrolling your kid in a coding class for kids

kids coding

Do you want to enrol your kid in a coding class but are unsure where to enrol them? Are you confused about the action you must take? In this case, many factors come into consideration. Read on to learn about the 6 things you must take a look at before determining the suitable computer coding […]

Why Is Interactive Learning The Future When It Comes To Learning To Code?

Learning To Code

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, it is clear that coding is becoming one of the essential skills that people can learn. However, the traditional method of learning to code – sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecturer – is no longer the most effective way to learn.  Instead, online interactive […]

5 Benefits of Teaching Robotics to Children

Teaching Robotics to Children

Technology is evolving every day, and to keep up with the changing world, your kids need the knowledge and skills that prepare them for the future. Therefore, you must understand how learning robotics can help children grow academically and learn new skills. Robotics is a part of the new-age technology that has emerged, allowing humans […]

Top 5 Benefits Coding Competitions Provide Kids

Coding Competitions Provide Kids

Competitions are one of the best ways for young ones to improve their skills. In a coding competition, a contestant is tested with a game or website development project. The contestant who can apply their coding knowledge to practise and create something innovative wins the coding competition. Coding contests can be organised for kids with […]

The Importance of Evoking Curiosity While Teaching Children Coding

Teaching Children Coding

Learning is a never-ending process. One needs to refresh their knowledge and seek to broaden it continuously. Here, curiosity plays a critical role, as one must always be open to new experiences and absorbing knowledge. If you or your child are interested in coding, read on! We’ll check out how curiosity and coding go hand […]

6 Ways To Ensure Your Kids Make Productive Use of Technology

Ways To Ensure Your Kids Make Productive Use of Technology

Kids use technology today at a very early age. You might have seen 2-year-olds swipe around mobile phones like they’ve been using the device for decades. It signals that the children are deeply influenced by technology and it can be both bad and good. While a lot of children use technology as an educational advantage, […]

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