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About CodingZen

Teaching Quality Skills – We have a comprehensive and strict selection of Faculty. Once selected they are trained under an exclusive in-house mentoring system to ensure high standards. 

Extensive & structured curriculum for all age groups – CodingZen has an industry-linked extensive curriculum and continuous iteration led by experienced professionals that make all the courses at par with the latest technology. 

Smart Service System – At CodingZen all student-teacher sessions are supported by educational consultants with oversight to strengthen academic success. 

Learning Faculty and not just Speakers – CodingZen mentors instruct and ideate along with students. Their focus is on foundation building. 

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We have a group of highly experienced IT industry experts who are incredibly passionate about teaching and helping students grow.

Before being assigned as a Faculty to a student batch, they also have to go through our robust In-House Teacher Training System to equip them with the CodingZen quality processes and are equipped with the necessary skill sets to teach the best to our students.

Our Faculty are highly skilled in their respective areas and most of our Faculty are based out of India.

CodingZen’s highly qualified team consists of alumni of IIT M and IIT B, ICAI with decades of experience in education and brings the best content backed by research to students. Please see more about us here

Besides the Online and In-Center programs (offline), CodingZen also works with schools and academic institutions to offer In-School workshops and Content up-gradation sessions. Please read the Contact-Us section to know the current locations where we offer our various courses.


At CodingZen we believe in promoting skill-based learning from an early age. We welcome children from the age group of 6+ to begin their coding journey with us!

We welcome anyone interested in coding ranging from beginners to experienced students. Prior coding experience is required, depending upon the complexity level of the course the student has enrolled for.

Yes, at CodingZen we believe that every kid has their own set of strengths and capabilities.                           

We aim to bring out the best in them through our carefully curated content structuring, which will help the kids understand the concepts from scratch.

We don’t assume everyone wants to work in IT any more, just like a music teacher would assume all their students will become professional musicians. Learning to code is a great skill, regardless of what path you want to follow in life. More and more, everyone needs to be at least technically literate to thrive professionally, regardless of career path. More importantly in the short term, building cool things with code is a lot of fun!

Yes, definitely!

We follow a “0 theory” based teaching model. Therefore, you can be assured that every step of learning would be based on the foundation of conceptual understanding and skill-based learning.

How do the sessions work?

Since our students are across the world, we try and accommodate the festivals and local public holidays. 

In a 1:1 batch, the rescheduling can be easily done on advance intimation to us. 

In group batches, we take that call keeping the majority group view. Any lessons that fall on Public Holidays will be made up in the following week as per the planned schedule.

1:1 Classes: At the scheduled session time the Faculty will start the session and the Faculty will remain online for 10 minutes past the scheduled time. In the event, if the student does not show up, the session is terminated and is charged to your account.

Group Classes: All the sessions are recorded and will be shared with the students who were unable to join in. 

We will try our best to slot students into a suitable replacement class, subject to the availability and timings of ongoing parallel batches. Unless absent for medical reasons, a lead time of at least a week is required prior to missing the class.

In the event, the Faculty does not start a session, it is not charged to the student’s account. 

We then try reschedule the session at the mutual convenience of students and Faculty as a regular class.

CodingZen makes all the efforts to provide the same Faculty for the continuity but in case of same Faculty unavailability, an equally qualified alternate Faculty will be assigned.

Yes, we record each session. The recordings are for quality control and addressing any queries from students. Recordings can only be accessed by students and CodingZen authorized personnel.  

CodingZen is are always there to hear you and alleviate all your concerns if you have any! 

If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us, and every effort will be made by CodingZen to address the issue. If we cannot meet your needs and you wish to cancel your Learning Package/Sessions you may do so with 72-hour notification. To cancel, click on the Customer Service tab and advise us you wish to cancel. All unused sessions remaining after the 72-hour notice will be credited to your account


Yes! If you have gone through the overview and are interested in enrolling your ward for any of the courses we provide. Then, you can request a demo-cum-assessment class by filling in this form (link of request page). 

By doing so, you will get an idea of how our classes are conducted. The student will be assessed by the faculty and be allotted a Coding Group based on a carefully curated set of parameters. 

Yes, it will be conducted in the same manner as a paid mentoring session.

CodingZen provides both online as well as offline classes. For more information, please visit (contact us page link).

Our Subject Experts evaluate the students during the demo cum evaluation session for the understanding of a particular subject. Other parameters like age, etc are also considered for the Coding group allotment. Please reach out to us here for scheduling the demo cum evaluation class.

We offer both 1:1 classes as well as group classes. To ensure smooth teaching and personalized attention for students, we maintain a ratio of 1:4 for our Group classes.

For Juniors Program: Any entry-level system is fine. Mac or PC

For Learners & Explorers: Windows or Mac: 8 GB Ram preferred 

For Creators: Few modules require high-end processing power, 16 GB RAM, and 4 GB Graphics Card.

Additionally for Online Classes: Webcam and a good Internet connection are required. A USB headset is suggested for better voice quality.

Other General Queries

Coding is an essential skill in today’s world that will help young minds gain new problem-solving perspectives in a fun way while encouraging them to think out of the box.

Coding refers to the process of writing programs for computers and helps in designing and building an executable computer program.

Coding can greatly help your kids develop a variety of soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, interpersonal communication and even help them build confidence.

Yes, coding is one of the essential skills in the digital age, and there is always demand for Computer Programmers in industries ranging from Startups to MNC’s. 

The practical skill-based program at CodingZen is sure to make your child industry-ready by prepping them from a young age.

No, there are no prerequisite skills required to join our classes!

We take in students who have a background in coding ranging from beginners to advanced level and allot them the batches based on a carefully curated set of parameters.

Still have questions?

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