Hackathon Result 2023


Thank You for Participating in the CodingZen Hackathon 2023!


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your enthusiastic participation in the CodingZen Hackathon 2023. It has been an incredible journey filled with creativity, innovation, and impressive coding skills.


Your dedication and hard work in developing your projects have truly amazed us. We received numerous outstanding entries, making the judging process a challenging one. After careful evaluation based on the judging criteria, we are thrilled to announce the results of the hackathon.


Congratulations to all the top rankers and notable entry submissions! Your projects demonstrated exceptional skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. We are truly impressed by your talent and dedication.


We invite all participants to review the results and take inspiration from the remarkable projects showcased in this year’s hackathon. Your contributions have made this event a resounding success, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants, parents, sponsors, and volunteers who supported us.


Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities in the future, and keep coding!

CZ HACKATHON 2023 Game Development: Scratch

(Pro tip: Please have the sound on while playing the games)


Vivek Chauhan, Age 12

Springdales School, India

Namya Sharma

Namya Sharma, Age 12

Pathways Noida, India

Mayukh Ghosh

Mayukh Ghosh, Age 11

Birla Vidya Niketan School, India

Inaya Husain

Inaya Husain, Age 10

Oxford High School, UK

Adhya Nakirikanti

Adhya Nakirikanti, Age 09

Oaks Elementary Pennsylvania, US

Priyansh Sharma

Priyansh Sharma, Age 08

Brookland Junior School, UK

Mohammed Arshan Shaikh

Mohammed Arshan Shaik, Age 10

Bright Riders School, UAE

Reyansh Manda

Reyansh Manda, Age 10

Hythe Bay Primary School, UK

Nathaniel Gonsalves

Nathaniel Gonsalves, Age 09

Murray Chittic School, UAE

CZ HACKATHON 2023 Web Development: HTML & CSS


Ariyansh Sharma, Age 15

Sanskriti School, India


Srishti Sapra, Age 14

The Shree Ram School, India

Ethan Timsina

Ethan Timsina, Age 12

Vernon Barford School, Canada

Shubham Adhikari

Shubham Adhikari, Age 14

Johny Bright School, Canada

Ahaan Timsina

Ahaan Timsina, Age 13

St Maurice School, Canada

Sohan Adhikari

Sohan Adhikari, Age 13

Nye Elementry, Canada


Sivatmika Sandeep, Age 12

Widad Center, UAE

Rayna Garg

Rayna Garg, Age 11

GD Goenka School, India

Arham Jain

Arham Jain, Age 10

St Joseph’s School, SIngapore

CZ HACKATHON 2023 Web Development II: Javascript

Vanshika Shukla

Vanshika Shukla, Age 15

Paul George Global School, India

Keshav Aggarwal

Keshav Aggarwal, Age 14

The Archer Academy, UK

Saanvi Nakirikanti

Saanvi Nakirikanti, Age 12

Oaks Elementary Pennsylvania, US

Sidhhart Jain

Siddharth Jain, Age 13

Sanskriti School, India

Ekakash Kumar

Ekakash Kumar, Age 16

Sanskriti School, India

Adit Banthia

Adit Banthia, Age 15

Bikaner Boys School, India

CZ HACKATHON 2023 : Python


Arinay Mahendru, Age 14

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, India https://bit.ly/42yAe9h


Namya Sharma, Age 12

Pathways Noida, India https://bit.ly/3qBaLPo


Mehak Dhawan, Age 14

Gems modern academy, UAE https://bit.ly/3WWfR4V


Yudaant Gupta, Age 15

Gems modern academy, UAE https://bit.ly/3CkvSYX


Sebahattin Emre Alaca, Age 10

Rosswalden Grundschule 73061 Germany https://bit.ly/3NoJTv0


Amogh Sharma, Age 15

Delhi Public School R K P, India https://bit.ly/3J8bPRf

CZ HACKATHON 2023 Game Development: UNITY

(Pro tip: Please have the sound on while playing the games)


Pragati Raina, Age 15

Prudence School, India


Aryan Puri, Age 15

Step by Step School, India


Moksh Jain, Age 16

The International School, India


Ishwar Saxena, Age 14

Shiv Nadar School, India


Adhvik Jain, Age 15

Bal Bharti Public School, India


Savarna Arora, Age 15

Mothers International School, India

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