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Consultation calls provide you with the opportunity to get assistance with understanding the programs offered by CodingZen, or with setting up the educational collaborations, as the case may be.

During the initial discussion call, the CodingZen team can help you understand the significance of Coding for kids or walk you through the best practices we follow which sets us apart in the growing coding educational world.
During the call, CodingZen can answer specific questions you have about your academic needs and provide guidance on the right course choice as well.

Book your video consultation by marking a convenient date and time on our calendar and get on a zoom call with us.

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Varun Juneja

Varun Juneja, is great at helping parents and prospective students get an in-depth understanding of the course offerings and get them on-boarded. He likes to brainstorm ideas with his faculty and operations team and work in tandem with them to create a learning plan of action for the students.

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Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain, is best at working with established Academic institutions and Schools who are looking to work with CodingZen for their In-School or Afterschool Programs. He also supports events and student activities in the University and Colleges.

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