Hackathon for Kids and Teenagers 2023


Code Your Way to Success at Cross-Country Hackathon!

A 4 Week Long Competition That Puts Students’ Coding Skills to Test and Helps Them Learn.

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The Hackathon requires participants to build projects around pre-defined themes using the specified programming languages or platforms.


The participants can pick the theme they are most interested in to develop an animation, app, website, or a game around the theme..

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“Hackathons are where your crazy ideas become a reality!”

Previous Notable Entries

Our students have always enjoyed learning with us, as much as we have enjoyed teaching them. Check out the amazing projects created by them! 

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CodingZen’s Hackathon is a virtual competition comprising 2 Rounds.

Round 1 shortlisting would be done through an MCQ ( Multiple Choice Questions) challenge round. The exam duration will be ~2 Hours

Each subject opted will have its own MCQ round 1. You can choose to take the ~2 hour exam anytime during the 24 hour window. Further specific details to be provided in Google Classroom.

Results for Round 1 will be announced in two days in Google Classroom.Successful completion of Round 1 takes you to Round 2 where you will have a Project based coding challenge.

The Project guidelines will be shared in Google Classrooms and you will have choice within the Projects to build.

You will have enough time (~4 weeks) to build the Projects.

Students who are qualified for the Final Round will be presenting their projects to the Jury, based on which winners will be finalized.

Jury Evaluation: The submissions received in the second round will be screened and scored by a panel of experts, based on idea originality, technical efficiency, architecture and UX/UI of the Project.


The current student batch of CodingZen as well as CodingZen Alumni are eligible to take part in this Hackathon.

Team format is not allowed, Each participant will be required to work individually throughout the Competition

Participants can choose a maximum of 3 subjects according to their area of interest.

Questions will be based on the subjects selected by the student during the time of registration.

Once registered, students would be admitted to Hackathon Google Classroom, where all the updates regarding the Competition will be updated on a regular basis.

During the qualifying round, if any student is found cheating, taking any external assistance, or engaging in any malpractice, the student will be disqualified from the competition.

If the student does not submit the MCQ form on time, they will be disqualified.

Each student will be eligible for only one attempt to submit their work in each round.

Round 1 – consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), in a time-bound manner.

Round 2– requires project submission where shortlisted students from the qualifying round have to submit their coding project through the CodingZen Google Classroom portal.

Students to download Google Classroom App ( iOS or Android ) on their mobile to ensure they get the timely updates.

“CodingZen Hackathon” ” (“Contest”) is organized, conducted and sponsored by CodingZen Academy (“Organizer/CodingZen”) and shall be open for registrations and participation from 04 April 2023 to 11 Jun 2023 (“Contest Period”).

This Contest is open to all the existing and prior students of CodingZen in India and abroad at the time of registration.

The right to permit or restrict participation is at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

Entries will be invited through an online entry/ registration form. It is available on http://codingzen.in/ hackathon-2023/

All ideas/entries presented must be original work of the students, and the ownership and all intellectual property rights must belong to the participant and shall be shared with Organizer.

Any incomplete/inaccurate entry or entries received after the Entry Period shall be invalid. Entries after the end of Entry Period may be permitted only at the discretion of the Organizer.

The participants have to participate as individual. They cannot participate as a team.

Evaluations & Shortlisting for Round 2 will be done by the CodingZen jury team. The decision of the Jury short-listing is binding and final on all participants.

The organizer has the right to substantiate/audit/verify the participants’ details/information as provided in the entry form or the Organizer may seek any further document, as may be required to verify the participants’ details/ information. If such a request is made and the participant either fails or does not agree to provide the same, then the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant from participation in the Contest

Determination of whether the information is correct or not rests with the Organizer. If at any time, any information provided by any participant is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the participant will be disqualified for participating in the contest.

The organizer will use a third-party platform hackerank.com, classroom.google.com and conduct the online Contest and it will not be responsible for the content, service and access lapses, technical glitches, or any other issues associated with this third-party platform.

The finalists and/or winners may get coverage on social media or traditional media channels as part of the promotional activities conducted by the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the start date and end date of the Contest; add or remove additional deadlines related to the Contest. Such changes will be communicated through the Contest website only.

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