Why Consider a Digital Marketing Course for Your Teen?

digital marketing

It is estimated that the global digital marketing and advertising sector was worth more than $350 billion in 2020. It is further projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. 63% of businesses have also amped the budget of their digital marketing activities in 2022. As the world economy grows, the gap between supply and demand […]

5 Games to Help Your 6-year old Learn Coding

kids game

In this digitised era, most parents consider introducing their kids to coding and programming early to equip them with logical thinking and problem-solving skills. This early introduction to coding is an excellent initiative on the part of parents.  They not only introduce complex coding concepts to their children in a feasible manner, but they do […]

Why Should General Excel Users Broaden Their Skillset With Advanced Excel?

Advanced Excel

According to Acuity Training UK, 12% of global Excel users have seen lack of Excel skills cost a company more than £10,000 Microsoft Excel is a phenomenon. From using it for bookkeeping to creating school maths projects, the software has come a long way, slowly creeping into the daily life of the average Joe. Currently, […]

How Coding Helps Improve Planning and Organisation Skills of Children?

Planning and Organisation Skills of Children

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, Computer and Information Systems Managers were the highest-paid coding professionals with a record median salary of $151,150. These Managers are considered veterans, when it comes to the soft skills of planning and organisation.  The pandemic is hopefully over and now the kids are back in their […]

Why Developing Analytical Skills For Kids Is The Need of The Hour

Developing Analytical Skills

A 2019 study by Deloitte & Lions revealed that companies focus on analytical skills more than creative skills when hiring for posts like Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Growth Officer According to American Organisation Behaviour theorist Edward Glaser, analytical skills can be defined as a triumvirate of three things: (1) development of an attitude that […]

The Top 8 Reasons Why Kids Should Experience Entrepreneurship

Experience Entrepreneurship

As parents, we’re always looking for ways to help our kids succeed in life, especially professionally. We want them to be prepared for the future struggles that are yet to come and we need to imbibe them with habits and qualities that promote perseverance against difficult situations. Fortification of their management skills is a must, […]

Why equip your child with skills related to the fundamentals of information technology?

fundamentals of information technology

The world is increasingly becoming technology-dependent, you must equip children with the skills to use it effectively. For example, information technology is a broad field that covers everything from using computers to managing networks.  Teaching your child the foundations of information technology will give them a valuable skill set that will help them in school […]

Introductory activities for youngsters before teaching them basic coding for kids

activities for youngsters

Does your 6-year-old child have an interest in Science or Mathematics? Do they wonder how people design aesthetic websites or develop interactive games? Is your preadolescent not coding-savvy, but they want to learn? If the answer to these questions is ‘’Yes’’, then this blog is for you! It will help you know the introductory activities […]

Why should kids learn to code if they wish to become entrepreneurs?

kids learn to code

Exploring your kid’s interests and aspirations from a young age is essential. As a parent, this will help you prepare your kid for their desired career path. If your kid wishes to become an entrepreneur, and says, ‘’I want to run a business’’ from a very early age, then coding can help. Read on to […]

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