Why Consider a Digital Marketing Course for Your Teen?

Posted on March 12, 2021September 8, 2022

It is estimated that the global digital marketing and advertising sector was worth more than $350 billion in 2020. It is further projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. 63% of businesses have also amped the budget of their digital marketing activities in 2022.

As the world economy grows, the gap between supply and demand will increase until a business makes up for it. Such a business will also have to branch out to accommodate the economic growth, and so they will require a strategy to invite new customers by marketing their products. This is where digital marketing comes in, a popular career choice mostly for the tech-savvy young generation that pays handsomely and often requires creativity along with an understanding of businesses. 

Digital marketing is somewhat for youngsters in school, but it’s more of a rite of preparation, a secondary supporting cause for a child’s future. If teenagers (13 years and above) are motivated to take up digital marketing as a career, they can reap the benefits of its job market which is increasing by 800% in the next five years. By then, these teenagers will be young professionals, equipped to scale the mountains of corporate jobs and self-started businesses. 

Digital marketing offers the highest industry growth with a 1.8x salary increase every year and better job security. On the other hand, a third of the companies around the globe are planning to introduce their own marketing transformation program on a digital platform, while another third already have. It’s evident by the latter that digital marketing is an indispensable part of entrepreneurship. Therefore, if one becomes adept at digital marketing, he or she will find business development opportunities easier. 

To further elucidate why one should motivate their teen towards digital marketing, especially to initiate their entrepreneurial journey as an adult, let the following points sketch it out for you. 

The advantages of choosing a digital marketing program

Digital marketing is an amalgamation of multiple digital activities like social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, mobile marketing, email marketing, and marketing analytics, that together instigate the marketing of a brand on digital platforms. Each of the digital activities play an important role in itself, and they teach the specifics of digital marketing, the nuances of marketing and business development.

It as a whole requires one to know which of the above tools to use where and when much like a business development executive knows what steps to take to attract more leads and generate greater conversions. This knowledge is what digital marketers are esteemed for and sought out for. Being trained in the arts of digital marketing primarily prepares one to be an entrepreneur, other than a bright career and financial growth in a corporate job.  

  • It gives the learner an overview of how web pages are browsed and what to keep in mind when developing websites and web apps. What most people do not know is that websites on the internet are indexed by search engine crawlers.

    The more time it takes for a web crawler to cover a web page, the lower its domain authority score may be. In short, digital marketing establishes the standards of web development for improved SEO results. As an entrepreneur, having the World Wide Web at the fingertips guarantees prompt access to data on competitors, and general market insights into a sector.
  • Digital marketing can teach teenagers to use search engines better in the long run. Take for example the concept of general SEO. Knowing how to use long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords guarantees optimised searches and the retrieval of desired information sooner. These future business owners need to know of this neat little trick so they can place their products better on the web and increase product sales. 
  • Market research is a vital part of digital marketing as well as entrepreneurship. Within digital marketing, it aids in creating a buyer persona for whom targeted ads on social media are run.It majorly facilitates the gauging of online presence of a brand, mitigate risks in digital marketing strategies, and spot emerging trends. 

Within entrepreneurship, market research plays a similar role. Market research establishes a customer profile, gauges market presence, ascertains competitor strategies, and identifies business risks. Hence grasping the basics of market research will help potential entrepreneurs later on when they want to understand the market of their business. 

  • Performance marketing is a digital marketing subset pertaining to paid ad programs in which a digital marketing service provider is only remunerated when a desired action is completed, such as lead retrieval, product sale, service booking, or asset download. It heavily emphasises on the use of ads, for which budgeting is essential where maximum outreach needs to be achieved with minimum spending. Targeting the audience of a particular region and projecting the paid ad performance is crucial to plan ahead for a successful campaign. 

All of the above are similar to the activities entrepreneurs could undertake to develop their business. Budgeting business operations to get the maximum results with minimum spending should come natural to an entrepreneur. Finding the right geographical region and customer profile to target a service or product can boost business growth ten folds, which is a skill digital marketing teaches very well through performance marketing.      

  • The most paramount aspect of digital marketing is content. As they say “Content is King”, it truly improves marketing results to a higher degree. Content Marketing improves the thought process and communication skills as it is core to digital marketing implementations. Knowing what to write in order to persuade leads is a rare art only a few possess. Teenagers with such a skill will ace job interviews, and SOPs for higher studies. For future entrepreneurs, this means better communication or convincing skills with clients, employees, and getting business ideas across a channel, effortlessly. 
  • Digital marketers have a knack for data analytics. They learn how to analyse metrics from marketing campaigns like – performance reports, keyword reports, SEO reports, and filter out relevant insights to take action. Being a businessperson is mostly about analysing performance reports and setting the right course of action for business growth. Data analytics learned through digital marketing will help a ton in this case. A teenager introduced to digital marketing early on can develop an interest in data analysis and hence may open up data science as a career option as well.   

The points above summarise perfectly how digital marketing can teach a young one what’s what of the internet. It’s a great investment opportunity, whether your child wants to join a reputed digital marketing agency or most importantly, start a business of his own. 

Future entrepreneurs primarily learn how to market products and gauge their customer base through digital marketing. In order for a child to grow mentally and professionally for an entrepreneurial journey, the amalgamation of soft and hard skills offered by a digital marketing program can go a long way.  

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