The Joy of Winning – An Interview with Shauryaveer

Posted on March 12, 2021February 11, 2022

Here’s a story of a young 15 year old genius who is in 9th grade, Shauryaveer who won 1st place in a Web Design competition conducted by TechSpark. Shauryaveer was into coding or development initially but he started liking it as he continued his classes at CodingZen. This is a small talk which covers the winning moments of the competition, his thoughts on various aspects of coding and life. We are so proud of him who is a brilliant student of CodingZen.

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CodingZen: Share your moments securing 1st place at TechSpark in Web Design competition.

Shauryaveer: In TechSpark, the problem which was given was to design the official website for the TechSpark because they did not have any official website except the sign up form. So I started making the wireframe using Adobe which did not work out at all when I started at first. I thought of something else, I did something else. I did not work out again. Then I realized I had less than 8 hours to make a perfect website. I was really worried. I decided to combine the three elements of best websites to make a final website. To me, the final website was a complete mess, I would have made better website if I had time but I did the job. This really a funny story, I really did not expect that I would win. I was watching the cricket match, I just got a ping about the results of the competition. I opened it to see who might have won, I saw my name there. I was so happy and left it with joy and I started shouting.

CodingZen: How do you plan your work and what do you do in your free time?

Shauryaveer: This is extremely weird, but I always plan my work looking at the end result. To do any work related to web development and designing, I do the wireframing first for the websites which I have to make but I never end up following that, I do something which is completely different.

CodingZen: What are your future plans and currently what are you working on?

Shauryaveer: I don’t have any such goals right now but currently I am working on creating my own JavaScript framework with couple of my friends. We are working on that for the past 8 months. I do coding for half an hour per day, others code two hours for day or three hours straight per day and don’t code for next three days.

CodingZen: How do you manage your academic and coding schedule?

Shauryaveer: What I usually do is that, I study during the day. After 12 at night, I don’t touch my books. I code for couple of hours when I don’t have exams.

CodingZen: Share your experience at CodingZen and how it helped you?

Shauryaveer: I joined CodingZen three or fours years ago, I don’t remember clearly. Initially I did not want to join CodingZen and did not want to code. I started with web development and I really enjoyed it. I started with HTML, progressed to CSS then I did JavaScript and also other libraries and frameworks. Animations, now I am doing Game Development using C#.

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CodingZen gave me the flexibility to choose what I want to learn. My teachers always said, would you rather learn this or that and what I wanted to learn. For example, when the lockdown started our teacher gave our group the option to learn and choose the framework, then we discussed it for half an hour collectively and decided what we like to do. I am a mediocre cricketer, I loved cricket and I was known for that. I was in the middle and it felt really good to be in top at something, here in this case, coding!

CodingZen: Share something about the teachers at CodingZen.

Shauryaveer: Teachers always gave us the choice to choose what we want to learn. Finally it was up to us that what we want to learn. Right now, I am being taught by Anurag sir, a very fun person to be around. He makes learning really fun and gave insights on what to learn. I did have Kunal sir in the beginning who was also extremely fun. Varun sir has always been my side whenever I wanted something. When I started at CodingZen, I had only two friends there, now I have many.

CodingZen: What are your hobbies and what you do in your free time?

Shauryaveer: I mostly watch Netflix, play Fortnite. I do coding when I am free and also listen to Spotify a lot.

CodingZen: Do you have the habit of reading books and which is your favourite book?

Shauryaveer: My favourite book is Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. The plot of the book is surveillance of information and it is full of surprises.

CodingZen: Who is your role model and what values do you get from him/her?

Shauryaveer: I don’t really have a role model as such. I am inspired by the best in many people. For example, if I am playing Fortnite and I am playing that well or while I am coding, if I come p with bugs as such, I  try not to give up and I work till it get resolved.

CodingZen: According to you, how much learning basics is important?

Shauryaveer: There is no point in skipping basics, its important. You have to learn HTML to do anything with CSS, you cannot do anything in CSS if you don’t know HTML which is basic. You really have to be good in HTML to go to CSS and you have to be good in CSS to learn JavaScript. To get attracted to DOM element of JavaScript you need to know CSS.

CodingZen: How Covid-19 changed your study pattern?

Shauryaveer: It completely changed my routine. I used to sleep at 10 or 10:30 at night before lockdown and I used to wake up at 6 in the morning. Now its more like 2 am to 9 am, I study at night and I never played Fortnite during school, now I play for an hour daily. I used to more Netflix before but lockdown has reduced my time in watching Netflix.

CodingZen: Do you like online classes or offline classes?

Shauryaveer: Online classes are really weird and during offline classes, I used to be with my friends and it was better.

CodingZen: How do you deal with errors you encounter while coding?

Shauryaveer:  I sit for two to three hours to debug the errors, still if I don’t get them, I do ask one of my friends who do coding. It make sense to ask and they will help me if they know. I always have teachers who I call and clear my doubts. I have a super good supporting community, programmers and teachers to answer your doubts.

CodingZen: Any tips for your juniors who want to learn web development?

Shauryaveer: There are three very important things while doing web designing. First is Wireframing which is really important. You can’t create a beautiful website without knowing how it looks, the planning should be there and it is done by wireframing. You will know how website should look and what and all you need to add to make it beautiful. The purpose, the dashboard, color schemes and the information to add. Secondly, SVG images. It always works out if you use SVG images. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, it is always suggested to use SVG images. The third thing is, do not try to stretch the website. Add animations where it is required.

That was really amazing! The talk with Shauryaveer took us through his coding and deb designing skills, his hobbies, his thoughts on various aspects. We are sure that he is going to become a tech genius in future by seeing his way of answering, the way he see everything in terms of the work he does will take to the heights of success.

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