5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn Front End Web Development

Posted on March 12, 2021June 2, 2022

Businesses and individuals must have an online presence in today’s time marked by the digital revolution and technological growth. With over five billion internet users around the world, according to Statista (2022), it’s understandable that digital skills will continue to be in high demand.

The number of people who use the Internet will only grow, and technology is pervasive, meaning that its role is present in almost every business. For instance, every business requires a website developer to showcase its offerings in the modern era. Your kid can sell a product or provide a service through a website or create functional websites for other individuals. Let’s go over five benefits of learning how to build a website using the knowledge of front end website development for kids:

1. Front end development teaches kids about user retention

Have you ever visited a website only to view an inconsistent colour scheme, improper navigation, and an improper layout? If you have ever noticed your kid taking an interest in these aspects of a website, they will benefit from learning front end website development, as it will teach them user retention.

Without an ineffective website front end, user retention can quickly dwindle. According to research by Google, 79 percent of people will leave a website to try another if they do not find what they seek. An aesthetic, functional website can result in happy visitors who return. It is beneficial to any company because it will be able to retain its paying customers and thus increase its online sales and revenue. 

2. Useful for children to learn to boost website performance

Have you ever noticed that your kid feels annoyed when a website takes a lot of time to load properly? Slow web pages and applications drive visitors to look for alternatives. Pages with faster loading speeds, on the other hand, increase visitor engagement, retention, and sales. In addition, higher conversion rates result from instant website response. 

boost website performance

With the knowledge of front end website development, kids can learn to boost a website’s speed and performance themselves. They can help ensure that when users land on a website, they are satisfied with the loading speed of each page, and hence, kids can also ensure that the target audience of a brand spends sufficient time exploring its offerings.

3. Helps kids better control web page design

Commonly, a business or individual wants a specific website design, but they don’t know how to fix it. If your kid learns to code, they will be able to customise website designs to the satisfaction of businesses/individuals. In addition, understanding the technology behind how the web works, i.e., how HTML, CSS, and JS work together to bring a design to life, empowers kids to create better web designs.

4. Helps kids build brand trust and awareness

If customers are unaware of a company, it will not receive any benefits or rewards to help it achieve its business objectives, like revenue, profits, or brand visibility.

A website must reflect the true purpose of the company. Customers should not be confused by the design or graphics. Front end developers help communicate what a particular brand/company stands for through its website, logo, and other pages, building brand awareness. Moreover, developers can create pages that display relevant content that answers the visitor’s questions. As a result, visitors will also bookmark a website and return if the content is updated regularly. Moreover, the website will look more authentic, hence increasing the probability that the brand’s audience will decide to make a purchase.

5. Helps kids learn about proper website navigation and structure

Intuitive navigation ensures that visitors find what they are looking for on a website. Kids learn about the importance of a well-structured, clean, and well-planned site layout and impressive graphics. In addition, they learn how to connect different pages or elements of the website, ensuring a user-friendly experience for the website viewer.

website navigation and structure

Web development is a skill that is in high demand across all industries. For kids, learning web programming allows them to get their foot in the door anywhere, whether they want to work at a fledgling tech firm, in healthcare, finance, a creative agency, for the public sector, or a combination of them. 

By reading this blog, we hope you’ve better understood the benefits of learning how to build a website through the knowledge of front end website development for kids. If your child is interested in learning front-end web development and coding, check out this blog about the best online learning tools for children.

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