Advance Website Development Course for Teenagers - Javascript Animation

Add sophisticated, interactive animations to your websites to take your front-end web design to the next level.

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If you’re a front-end developer, UI/UX designer or just a general web animation enthusiast you’ll benefit from the techniques taught in this module.

In this module, we will be creating awesome real-world projects that will be an inspiration for the imagination. We are going to begin with the basics of the Canvas and learn how to create shapes using an HTML/css file and how to use SVG properties. And then we will see how easy to create incredible vectors by learning Matter js. After that, we will dive into GSAP animations and learn how to animate elements, how to use transform, transitions, and keyframes. And finally, we will create our own projects and learn about advanced techniques of GSAP animations.

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2 levels

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48 hours

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Detailed Curriculum

Pathway 1 : Animation FrontEnd JavaScript

Level 1

Level 2

Projects You Will Work On

Matter JS

Pixie JS


Learning Pathways Post This Module

Post completion of the module, Students can opt for these following related modules to further their learning.

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Students Portfolio

Our students have always enjoyed learning with us, as much as we have enjoyed teaching them. Check out the amazing projects created by them! Some amazing Projects created by our amazing students.

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