Drone Summer Camp for Kids

An fun project in which you learn about drones by making one.

Course Overview

Course Description

This Bootcamp will show you how to Assemble an opensource quadcopter from the ground up! While you could just drive to a store and buy a ready-to-fly drone, you would be missing out on all the excitement and knowledge that comes with making your own flying Machine

As you continue through this course and begin to design your drone, you’ll learn about motors, flight controllers, Electronic Speed Controllers, batteries and chargers, receivers and transmitters, and much more.

You’ll learn about drone principles as well as numerous design and performance details for each of the components and software along the way. With this information, you’ll be able to build, configure, and programme your own drones while having a great time.

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Level Duration

8 hours

This Course Includes:

Looking For Start Date?

Starts in Summers : May and June

Group batches starts several times during the years, please reach out for start dates.

Detailed Curriculum

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