Basic Tech Coding Classes for Kids

Discover the fundamentals of Information Technology and Computers. Everything the young generation needs to know about the Powerpoint, Gmail, Classroom, online safety and more.

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‘Have you ever wondered what goes on “behind the scenes” when you type a URL? Have you ever found yourself wondering how a computer’s core components function? This course will help you understand how information technology works.

First, we will look at the basics of computers, in other words, the parts that make up a computer and what they do. Next, we will look into the concept of internet and best sites. Then we initiate Google and Microsoft products. Topics explored here will include the Google Slides, Docs, Classroom, with Micoroft Word, Powerpoint and the basic parts of a Excel. You will get hands-on experience using Video editing and graphics systems. Finally, we will look at the basics of the computer safety and network safety – what to do and what not to do, and importantly : what to do- when things go bad. We will explore topics like file structure and basic commands, and will do a hands-on sessions of how to use the computer to perform basic operations

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Online / Offline


2 levels

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24 hours

This Course Includes:

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Entrepreneurial Skills

Detailed Curriculum

Level 1

Level 2

Projects You Will Work On

Basics of computers including

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?

Internal Computer Components

Operating your computer

Basics of Software

Exploring Operating Systems : Windows & Mac


Browsers and Websites





Computer Safety

Why Important


Adding Accounts


Lock Your Computer


Problems & Troubleshooting


Basic computer problems

Action Center


MS Office





Creative designing


Online Tools like GIMP

Muisc Synthesizers




Combing, Collage

Greeting Cards

Adding Music

Learning Pathways Post This Module

Post completion of the module, Students can opt for these following related modules to further their learning.

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